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Davido’s babymama, Sophia Momodu goes raunchy on IG – tags them “candid photos”

Davido’s babymama, Sophia Momodu, was all the way confident about her skin when she took to IG to litter it with raunchy photos that have garnered the attention of many thus far, especially fans of her babydaddy, OBO Baddest!

Sophia Momodu possibly looks at Chioma today and wish it was her in that position, something she had envisioned for years. But every bit of Davido seems allergic to Sophia but overly magnetic to Chioma who stands at the center of Davido’s heart uncontested. Sophia isn’t going to let herself be repressed by any such thing again, she came out hot!

On her IG, she shared photos of herself and some very sexy friends in very sexy bikinis. Sophia’s dark skin is graced with a shiny piece of blueish-purple Bikini, her flexible waist graced with glittering waist bead as she drinks from a red cup. Her two friends respectively rock black and army green bikinis. The girls put their “Ibadi” on display and cause a stir.

Sophia’s “Ibadi” is particularly delightful to many masculine eyes; the comments flowing in are all shades of “wow.” But the attention Sophia is out to get is Davido’s. She captioned them; “focused on the Cheque. Candid photos be hitting.”


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