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The music industry is fake – Kcee reacts to Waje’s exit from music

Waje’s exit from music has been a thing of concern to various celebrities, some of which have reacted to her leave. Five-Star artiste, Kcee has also reacted bitterly, referring to the music industry as “fake.” In his words:

I saw Waje’s video and I was touched. I was supposed to say something about it but I was busy with my album project. However, I spoke to a few people about it. The truth is that the industry is a fake one; I am not just talking about the Nigerian music industry, but globally. Everybody is struggling.”

“I have been in this business for 19 years and at every point in time, you have A-list artistes and they are about ten. These set of people are the ones making all the money. There are hundreds of artistes behind them struggling to get to make it to the top ten list.”

“These other artistes keep spending the same amount of money (the A-list artistes spend) to just get there and they also have to live like a celebrity. This costs a lot of money. If you do not have the drive and focus to keep the fire burning, it is going to weigh you down.”


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