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Flavour establishes a school for the blind in Liberia

Nigerian singer, Flavour has done commendably by establishing a school for the blind in faraway Liberia. He did this in honour of his teenage blind friend, Semah G. Weifur whom he met during a tour back in the days.

As we know, Flavour featured the young blind boy in a song that fast became a hit gospel tune, played everywhere, even in churches. The singer thought it wise to take his friendship with the blind boy to the next level by affording him an education. But rather than enroll the little boy in a school for the blind, he thoughtfully built him a school.

The new school is built in honor of the blind boy and is open to other blind teens in the country who might be interested in enrolling there. The singer took to his IG page to inform his fans about the development, accompanied by pictures of the school and other blind children. Flavour went in company of his producer, Master Kraft.

While many applauded the singer for such benevolence, some have questioned him on why he had to do so in Liberia and not his own country, Nigeria. Does it really matter where he did it? Let’s hear from you in the comment box.


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