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Mr. Eazi reveals he has never owned a car in his entire life – explains why

You probably wouldn’t believe that Mr. Eazi has never owned
a car. But he really hasn’t, and here’s his reason why:

“If your self-esteem is just based only on how much you’ve
got loaded in your account, then you have issues with your self-esteem. When I
dropped my first track, somebody offered N80m record deal to me, however, I
turned it down and at the time, knowing well me that I never had even up to
N300,000 in my bank account. I turned down many others.

“I, however, made used the money in shooting videos for some
of my songs and was left with £20; I got another opportunity of which I was
offered £365,000, but I turned it down. Meanwhile, the only reason why I kept
turning these offers down was that I believe that my value was not dependent on
what I have left in my bank account.”

“Even till today, I make use of Uber but I still do not
care, I don’t even pay for the ride because I was given Uber credit. Whenever
you see me in an Uber taxi and start thinking or feeling that I, Mr. Eazi is
poor, I just have no business with that. If it makes sense for me to use an
Uber, why should I then drive?”


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