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Daddy Freeze replies to Falz’s mom’s complain – counters her

Popular controversial Nigerian OAP, Daddy Freeze felt it was needful for him to give voice to Falz’s mom’s complain that Falz doesn’t go to church. According to Freeze, there’s absolutely no need for that, as it’s pointless. In his words:

“Although like the good mother she is, she has every right to be bothered about her child’s spiritual life and growth, I am not sure he misses much by not attending church, as most churches in Nigeria got Christianity up to 99% wrong.”

“Mummy, I can tell you this as a biblical scholar and teacher of the scriptures, what many people practice in Nigeria as Christianity is anything ranging from mild syncretism to downright Satanism. In my humble opinion, what can Falz possibly learn from the likes of Paul Enenche who put a copyright claim on a recording of insults, curses, and profanity?”

“Falz, the best way to become a true Christian is by studying the scriptures by yourself and following the examples of Christ, the disciples and the early church, something most churches today are almost completely bereft of. By the way bro, your mum loves you and wants the best for you. ~FRZ. #Free The Sheeple.”


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