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Falz attacks Buhari and others in new song, “way to go”

After taking the nation by a storm with his sensational and expository hit tune, “This Is Nigeria,” Nigerian comic rapper, Falz has come up with another song in which he vehemently attacked President Buhari and others in the APC led government.

Despite the controversies that followed his “This Is Nigeria” song, Falz has not stopped to consider his choice of lyrical content to prevent a repeat of such heated controversies. Recall that several bodies in Nigeria solicited for the ban of his “This Is Nigeria” song? It even got to a point where he was sued and he, in turn, sued those bodies. But the whole matter just died.

Right now, Falz is back with another tune which has already begun shaking tables and making superwaves. His industry colleague, seemingly having the foresight to see what might become of the singer on account of this new song, called on Nigerians to do all within their power to keep Falz protected, as his new song might make him the target of some bad men.

Some lyrics of the song go thus; “We buy your story but you no give us change. In 2019, N19,800 Alawee. Three private jets you say you buy am for church. No be to dey smoke weed, etc.” Many have hailed Falz for his audacity to dare confront the government. He’s even been likened to Fela. But would you say that song with such lyrical content is the way to go???


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