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Consistent sex has deprived me of sleep for a week and I’m so happy about it – Simi speaks

Nigerian singer, Simi, who secretly tied the knot with fellow Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold, has taken to the airspace to fill her fans in on how her honeymoon is going. According to her, she’s been f*cking Adekunle for the past 7 days.

She thought it wise to let her fans know about this, even though she coded her message for only smart minds to decode. It seems Simi might not be as private with her private marriage life as she was with her romance with Adekunle Gold. From their introduction to their wedding was a secret. But now, she’s telling us about her honeymoon.

She took to her IG page to reveal that she has not had a decent sleep in the past 7 days. The only things that would keep her so busy as not to have slept in the past seven days are nothing more than some “post-wedding indulgences.” We all know what comes after a wedding, and that is “honeymoon.” We also know what happens during a honeymoon.

Simi did not wait for us to put our imagination to work in guessing what could be going on between her and Adekunle Gold. She told us point blank. She wrote: “I haven’t gotten a decent sleep in like a week. I’m so f*cking happy.”


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