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Charity begins at home: Mayorkun sets up a barbing salon for his uncle

In the spirit of “rising by lifting others” which Davido preaches, Nigerian artiste, Mayorkun, who is Davido’s artiste, played by his boss’ rule by setting up a barbing salon for his uncle. According to him, it’s his way of giving back to society.

When it comes to “giving back to society,” many people seem to take their generosity and benevolence to strangers and never stop to consider their own families. Even the bible states that “a man who does not take care of his own household is worse than an infidel.” Mayorkun would have to die first before letting his reputable name make it to the list of such men.

He decided that it was time to give back to the society, and his first port of call was his own uncle. He decided to start giving back to the society by lifting people in the community where he grew up. Of all the people in that community, he couldn’t think of any other than his uncle. So he set up a barbershop for him called EMBASSY CUTS. He also advertised it saying;

“Giving back to the community where I grew up! Set up a barbing salon for my uncle. If you are in Ilasamaja, patronize EMBASSY CUTS!!!” There you go! The next time you want to give back to society, you might want to start at home.


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