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My wife doesn’t let ladies come near me – Oritse Femi reveals

In an effort to keep her husband to herself and prevent him from falling into sexual temptation with other women, Nigerian singer, Oriste Femi’s wife ultimately barred other women from coming anywhere near her celebrity husband.

The singer made this known himself, stating that marriage has shut him out of some activities he used to enjoy as a single man. According to him, he could afford to hang out with his guys and have fun with the ladies when he was still single. Though he still hangs out with his guys, he made known that his wife has stopped him from doing so with ladies.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, the singer said: “There are certain things I can’t do again because I am married. I respect my wife a lot. Though I still hang out with my male friends, I cannot do that with ladies any longer. My wife does not even allow ladies to come near me. She makes it clear to them that I am her husband and they should stay away.”

But then, he countered claims that marriage makes male acts lose female fans. He said: “Ladies will still want you but they won’t show it publicly once they know you are married. Some of these ladies prefer married men to single men.”


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