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“APC will come after Falz for singing the truth; he needs protection” – M.I cries out

Out of deep concern for his industry colleague, Naija rapper, M.I Abaga has come out in the open to call on citizens of Nigeria with good will to do all within their power to protect fellow rapper, Falz from Nigeria’s raging government.

Falz The Bhad Guy, at some point in his career, made it a custom to use his art to speak against the injustice done to the citizens of Nigeria by the ruling government, APC. The comic rapper has been really audacious with his lyrical contents that some people who hate the truth have been on his neck to quit releasing songs with such content.

His hit song, “This Is Nigeria” was hugely castigated by haters of justice and was even banned at some point. But being a trained lawyer, the comic rap act found a way around the continuous airing of his work of art. Just when everyone thought he was done calling out our leaders for bad governance, the rapper came up with another expository tune.

In the new song, he insinuated that President Buhari spent three out of his four-year tenor holidaying. To this end, he is not worth occupying that seat anymore. For this audacity, M.I thinks they might come at him, so he needs protection.


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